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photo credit : Warthan Farms Photography

Hi! I’m Sandy, welcome to Heavenly Eye Photography.

Portraits… real emotion, classic look, your adorable children and families. This is what I want to be about. It takes time to get to know you and your children, time to get to know me.  You will never see me tapping my watch saying times up. We will know when the session done. And it usually isn’t my schedule! Children are well.. children!  So we play for a bit. I learn what songs your kiddos like, who their favorite characters are and the names of all of the stuffed animals that they brought. I want them to have fun, to learn a little about what we are going to do. For me, it is not just about the perfect shot. It is that their favorite game is Duck, duck, goose, or that the moo moo here, moo moo there, line is the one that cracks them up. I truly love getting to know these little people and as a bonus, I get to photograph them. It warms my heart and I know I have done my job when I hear, “Do we have to go home?”

Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege to get to know you and your children. Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer. It is my honor.

May you be blessed with teddy bear hugs and Smarties kisses.


Sandy Tyson is an award winning, published photographer who started and has owned Heavenly Eye Photography since 2006.  She has won awards for image competition thru the Professional Photographers of America, the Professional Photographers of North Carolina and the Professional Photographers of Oregon.  She has stunning images hanging in the Museum of the Marine Corps near Washington DC.

(photo credit – Warthan Farms Photography)


This is a test…just making sure everything is working properly…the site and images are just great Sandy

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